Tobacco pouch Black Denim

  • Tobacco pouch Black Denim
  • Tobacco pouch Black Denim
  • Tobacco pouch Black Denim
  • Tobacco pouch Black Denim
  • Tobacco pouch Black Denim
Are you a Roll Your Own enthusiast looking to organize all your tobacco accessories to make the perfect rollies?

"Roll your own" cigarettes are hand-rolled cigarettes made with loose tobacco. Common accessories needed include the loose tobacco that comes in bags, pre-cut rolling paper, filter tips and your lighter.
It is important then to organize all of this tobacco and smoking-related gear in one place, to make sure you'll always have everything you need.

We present to you the perfect accessory:
Made in EU, with durable fabric in many fashion-forward designs to choose from, La Industria Handmade's tobacco pouches secure everything you need to roll your cigarettes in style. It features a large zippered compartment for the tobacco, and 3 smaller compartments for accessories like filter tips, rolling papers, and your lighter, keeping them together yet organized individually. A strong, elastic rubber strap is used to close the pouch, making sure nothing will go missing along the way.

Here are some more benefits you will enjoy with our tobacco pouch case:

  • It is handmade with love and time has been taken to ensure each pouch is well constructed using only the best materials
  • Compact and elegant design. Quick access to everything you need to roll
  • The pouch measures 16 x 18 cm, giving it the perfect size to include your favourite tobacco brand’s 30-35g packs
  • Cold washable, avoiding mixing with white linen
  • Lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket, bag or backpack
  • It makes a great gift for your self-rolling, tobacco enthusiast friends

Say goodbye to lost lighters and frantically searching your pockets for a stray tobacco filter or 2. Get your gear organized with La Industria Handmade's Cotton Tobacco Pouch Smoker’s Case. Click "Add to Cart" TODAY!

How to use it: