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Once upon a time...

A lot has happened at La Industria Handmade since Mayka created her first backpack for her university books, and ended making one for half the campus.

From then until the present day (no matter when you’re reading this) she has continued designing textile accessories for everyday use.

No matter how many years go by (and it’s been quite a few) one thing remains the same: each product is the result of our quest to make your life more comfortable.

Minimalist design with maximum functionality

We’re not into fashion or trends. We like timeless designs, whether it’s architecture, art or songs.

Our job is to translate that inspiration into proportions, textures and colours, and then test and discard designs until we find one that is completely functional, and free from unnecessary adornment and extras.

Made with attention to detail

We are frustrated by planned obsolescence, so we use premium materials such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics to ensure that our products are durable, and to protect the sustainability of our natural resources.

We devote the necessary care and attention to each item, to ensure that we provide strong, durable products.